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by Regenia Owens on SA BRDE'

I had severe bacteria infection on my cheeks under my eyes
I used a antibiotic cream and once infection was cleared up. I use the ath and body butter. My skin is back to its normal color now.
Time to reorder

by Stacey on SA BRDE'

I highly recommend the Sa'Brde body scrub.. i have severe underarm discoloration and have seen a significant improvement after only one application. Thank you Samantha for an amazing product!

by Bree on SA BRDE'

I absolutely love the soap and shea butter! I have suffered with a skin condition, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, since I was a kid that causes chronic lesions and boils. I have used several creams and ointments for years with no improvement. Since using the soap and shea butter I have seen tremendous improvement and healing. It has also helped to improve the appearance of old scars cause by this disease as well. Simply amazing and grateful for these products!!!

by Tina Torres on SA BRDE'

Tina Torres experience with Sa Brde' Products:

I needed something to stop the itchy burning feeling in my arms so I stopped to see Samantha Clea. She quickly put her Sa Brde' butter on my arms and said to use it daily. Since then...I use it once a day and the feelings are gone. My skin is soft, smooth and no longer sensitve to touch!!!


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by Julia Watkins on SA BRDE'

OMG! My skin is looking sooo much better already! I know it’s only been a few weeks but I definitely see the difference. There was definitely some purging and breakouts in the beginning but even with that being the case my face looks 100% better and this is just the beginning. I will say that about after a week into using the products that I started using fresh aloe Vera plant on my face in combination with your products. You don’t understand how excited I am right now. I’ve tried sooo many products and nothing was working, at all! So to see the improvements in this short amount of time has given me so much hope. Your products are the truth!!

by Sabrina Wannamaker on SA BRDE'

I absolutely love the Sa Brde shea butter, it has helped to clear my eczema in a few short weeks. I've tried other products in the store with no success. The Sa Brde butter and soap has cleared my skin right up & I'm so grateful!

by Roshanda P. on SA BRDE'

I was introduced to Sabrde products two years ago. Recently, my daughter developed a rash on her face. For three days she used Sabrde products instead of the prescription. The problem was immediately cleared up. It smelled good and it didn't look greasy or overly creamy on her face.

by Debora D Gibbs on SA BRDE'

Well, I remember when Sam first started making her SA BRDE' Butter years ago. She was my hairstylist and she would apply this awesome cream to my hair and my hair would feel so soft and look so shiny and healthy.. Sam was all about healthy hair and skin and not to mention that she would bless me spiritually while she was . blessing my hair.

Sam, I absolutely love how you bless us with your products and how you pour your heart and soul into your products. I absolutely love the SaBRDE' Butter,Serum, Soap, Bath Bombs, everything. Thank you for blessing us with your gifts and may God continue to pour into you and bless you.

God bless You!!!! Much Love!

by LaSandra Teixeira on SA BRDE'

The soap is excellent to moisturize and cleanse my face. It has a nice clean refreshing scent. I don’t wear makeup and people complement my skin and say that it’s glowing. I’ve tried other natural soaps and they did not work for my sensitive skin, I’ve also bought soap bars for my sisters and niece who has eczema,

by Jeff on SA BRDE'

I was introduced to this product in 2014. I used to use only she butter. When Sam (owner) gave me a trial bottle to try out, it sat in my office for a week before i tried it. I tried it upon recieving a large cut / gash at work. After using "only" Sabrde on the wound, approx. 40 days later, not even a scar!! From that point I started using it afyer i ran out of shea butter. I instantly noticed a huge difference. The Sabrde seem to melt into my skin and stayed there. My skin had a different sheen to it. Not that "1st day of school forehead shine"!, but a natural warm glow. After that episode, I became a lifetime member / fan / user of Sabrde products. No I have not used all the products yet, but thats soon to change. Love having an all-in-one product! Most of us men lime simplicity that works. And thats what you will get here. A PRODUCT THAT DELIVERS. And smell good, and thats good for you. No bi products, fillers, additives, hars chemicals. Stop reading and try it out for yourself. YOU WILL BECOME A Sabrde member too!

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