Sa Brde’ Body Elixir

Exfoliate Your Skin

Benefits – Helps exfoliates skin, takes off dry/dead skin, it gives the skin a clean and healthier appearance. When used under armpits, it helps decrease over active sweat glands & odor, helps eliminate  dark spots even faster. Great for those who have acne, oversize pores and open pores. It’s gentle enough for daily facial cleansing.


To use: Take a small spoon, put a small amount in the palm of your had, add water. Rub into desired area, if used on face leave on only 1 minute or less. Do not rub hard or add pressure on face be gentle,  the rest of your body you can add pressure, rinse off and moisturize (Sa Brde’ Butter). DO NOT USE ON OPEN WOUNDS OR DIGEST.


**Please note: Due to homemade nature of Sa Brde’ Products appearance may slightly vary!